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PROTON, experienced in our country before, have decided to withdraw from the market and other export markets went through a rigorous evaluation process after a long time since the year of 2000.

Since from the year of 2004, we have been appointed as PROTON brand's exclusive distributor in Turkey because of our company's unique points which differenciates us from the others such as our goal-oriented management, our experienced team and our customer-oriented business profile. 


Originally conceived by Malaysia's Prime Minister of the day, Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, PROTON Bhd was incorporated on 7th May 1983 with the aim of building a national car. Two years later, On 9th July 1985 the Proton Saga was officially launched. It was Malaysia's first domestically produced car and is still sold in Malaysia and other countries today.

The original factory plant, covering 99,400 sq m, is situated at Shah Alam near Kuala Lumpur in central Malaysia. The site also houses an engine and transmission factory, a castings plant, R&D centre and a semi-high speed test track. The factory is currently producing 240,000 units per annum.

Opened in 2005; a state-of-the-art assembly plant was constructed at Tanjung Malim, 60 miles north of Kuala Lumpur. This area has been named Proton City and consists of a 500 hectare site containing the factory, plant, housing, a university and other commercial buildings to accommodate component suppliers.

Proton's total workforce in Malaysia totals just over 6,000 personnel working in all areas of vehicle design, R&D, production and manufacturing. With a solid base built up since 1983, Malaysia's car manufacturing industry is progressing rapidly.

Proton took a major step forward in upgrading its engineering capabilities when it acquired a share in Lotus Group International in October 1996. This stake was increased to 100% in 2003. Since the acquisition, personnel from Lotus are closely involved in Proton's new model development, with a team of engineers permanently based at the design and development centre in Malaysia.

The company has come a long way since 1983; PROTON was publicly listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1992, and today, PROTON currently exports to over 20 active overseas markets includeing Europe, Africa, Australia and the asia Pacific. It has taken just 21 years for PROTON to gain significant international presence.


The PROTON Shah Alam manufacturing complex includes the original Main Plant and Multi Vehicle Factory (MVF). The plant contains a seperate engine machining and assembly building within the complex where cylinder blocks, crankshaft and camshafts for the Cam Pro based engines are machined and sunsequently assembled. The Main Plant's capacity is 150.000 units while the MVF capacity is 50.000 giving a total capacity of 200.000 units per year. 


Prospects The Main plant currently produces the Saga, Waja and Arena models. The Saga model is the highest volume model produced, averaging about 6.600 units a month. The capacity of the Saga has also been reviewed from 72.000 units to 96.000 units to accomodate the good demand especially from the domestic market.



The Tanjung Malim plant is situated in the northern state of Perak. It has an anual capacity of 150.000 units (involving 2 shifts) with a 60 percent automation level, allowing man and machine to work together in a safe, efficient and productive manner. The plant comprises five main buildings; the Engine & Transmission (ETM), Stamping, Body Assembly, Painting and Trim and Final Assembly. These buildings are equipped with an Automatic Line Control or error-proof system that assists workers to enhance built up quality and achieve production efficiency. To allow greater production flexibility, the plant is capable of producing multi-model products on a common line. Each line can assemble vehicles on three different platforms.