Message from Chairman

ULUBASLAR HOLDING, founded by Nuri ULUBAS in 1970's, is one of Turkey's most reliable and reputable companies. Each of passing year our assets becoming bigger and bigger while we are adding value to our national economy. We are proud of contributing on national employment with our total number of 100 young and dynamic employees. 

Since from the first day of our establishment, our main goal is; being reliable, providing excellent customer satisfaction service with our excellent work discipline based on a good working ethics. In line with this goal, together with our dynamic and experienced team we are offering a sustainable performance to all our business partners in each sector we exist.

With our well-established global infrastructure, we are adding new successes day by day in various sectors while making new strides with a company that is aware of his social responsibilities. As a primarily result of this we expanded our business scope towards many overseas export markets such as Germany, Netherland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Libya and Iraq.

Turkey is a country that always has a sustained growth potential (excluding the global financial slowdown periods). Even during the global financial slowdowns in comparison with other European Union member countries, Turkey was one of the best countries that overcomes such a difficult situations. As a result of this, all eyes have been focus on Turkey and foreign capital flow was shifted on Turkey from other potentials. We as ULUBAŞ HOLDING continuously keep growing in parallel with the positive developments of our country and our commercial life, started in the electronics industry in the year of 1971, expanded today in various sectors such as automotive, insurance and construction, real estate and tourism.

As ULUBASLAR HOLDING, we are committed to never stop. In parallel with today's technological developments, we continuously improve ourselves in order to ensure excellent customer satisfaction without compromising our main principles, objectives, goals and we continue on our way with more reliable and firm steps.


'' Committed tobe better all together.. ''