1971 ULUBAS ELECTRONICS, first group company of ULUBASLAR HOLDING, was established in the city of Aksaray.
1973 GRUNDIG authorised sales & service dealership was signed.
1975 TELEFUNKEN authorised sales & service dealership was signed. 
1980 While continue on electronic business, construction contracting firm was established.
1983 New branches were opened at different centers of different cities.
1985 Company HQ was moved to Istanbul City.
1986 Under ULUBASLAR HOLDING roof, textile company was established at Yeşildirek.
1987 ULUMOD - Second Hand Car Sales company was established at Bahçelievler area in Istanbul.
1989 Second branch of ULUMOD was opened in the same area.
1993 KIA Authorised dealership was signed. 
1996 Halil Ziya Ulubaş and his brothers took over the business and management from their father.
1997 ULU SİGORTA Company was established. Authorised agency agreements were signed with respective insurance companies.
1998 ULUKASA Company, which produces body designs & building for light trucks, was established.  
1999 Company HQ moved to a new place, where all group companies stands at one center, at Sefakoy area of Istanbul City.
2000 Vasitam.com was established.
2003 New KIA Plaza with a total closed area of 2500m2 was opened on the Basın Ekspres Road at Halkalı area of Istanbul City.
2004 PROTON Cars Distribution Agreement was signed with Malaysian Car Manufacturer Company.
2005 New PROTON showroom and offices with a total closed area of 1800m2 was opened on the E-5 Motorway at Sefaköy area of Istanbul City. Service Workshop and Parts Distribution Center with a total closed area of 1000m2 was opened on Basın Ekspres Road at Halkalı area of Istanbul City.
2006 Distribution Agreement with respective Italian brands MV Agusta, Cagiva and Husqvarna were signed.
2006 First export markets were opened in Libya, Ukrain  and North Cyprus Turkish Republic.
2007 Project based temporary distribution agreement with Italian LPG Manufacturer OMVL was signed.
2008 As a new export market, PROTON branch under ULUBASLAR HOLDING roof was opened in Erbil City, North Iraq. 
2009 New 3S Plaza was opened in Erbil city, North Itaq as one of our export markets. Export of Turkey made tankers, damps, etc.. semi trailers was started. 
2011 Distribution agreement with Czech Republic made truck manufacturer company AVIA ASHOK LEYLAND TRUCKS was signed.
2012 New Showroom and Service Center of AVIA Trucks was opened at Sefaköy area of Istanbul City. 
2013 First exports of AVIA Trucks to Erbil city, North Iraq was started.
2014 With ULUBASLAR HOLDING assurance, ULU OTO KİRALAMA Company started to his facilities by providing premium car rental service. ULUMOD ''Second Hand Car Sales'' company moved to his new place in Sefakoy area of Istanbul City with his renewed facilities.